• A Claim for Claims Sake – Unit Title Disputes

    Unit title developments can be fertile ground for (un)neighbourly disputes, some more trivial than others. A recent High Court decision (Body Corporate 375933 v Tenancy Tribunal & Anor [2017] NZHC 1619) has clarified the threshold for bringing a claim to the Tenancy Tribunal. Simply put, the claim must not be moot. If a moot claim – i.e. one where there’s no actual live controversy having real consequences for one or both parties – is brought against you, then you can argue that such a moot point cannot be heard by the Tribunal.

    • Aug 3, 2017
    • Matthew Whimp
  • Immigrating to New Zealand – The Investor Categories

    New Zealand’s investor migrant policy has proven to be extremely successful since its inception, with approximately $5 billion in funds invested and committed to investment in New Zealand since 2009.

    • Jul 13, 2017
    • Jamie Nunns & Shehan Gunatunga
  • Purchasing Property with Friends and Family

    With the housing market rises over the last few years, we have once again seen an increase in the number of people looking to purchase property with friends or family as a way of entering the housing market, or for investment purposes.

    • Jul 3, 2017
    • Jamie Nunns & Zaneta Aislabie
  • Builders Reports – Seller’s or Purchaser’s?

    In a highly competitive housing market there are usually multiple buyers for the same property.  We have heard of 50+ groups attending at open homes, and 20-30 tenders being submitted on certain properties.

    • Jun 19, 2017
    • Jamie Nunns & Laura Blumenthal
  • Advances from Parents for a Property Purchase - A Gift or a Loan?

    It is not uncommon for parents to advance money to their children to assist with a house purchase, without any clear plan as to how this will be dealt with in the future.

    • May 28, 2017
    • Debbie Dunbar & Maretta Twentyman
  • Employers - what obligations do you have when an anonymous complaint is made by one employee against another?

    It is important that you do not simply ignore a complaint, even if you have doubts about the complainant’s motive or truthfulness.  Failure to appropriately investigate a complaint, particularly where it raises health and safety issues such as bullying, can give rise to a personal grievance, or potentially result in a prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. The extent of the investigation required will depend upon the seriousness and complexity of the allegations raised. 

    • Apr 4, 2017
    • Carolyn Heaton
  • Residential Tenancies – An Overview

    The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (“the Act”) applies to landlords and residential tenants (but not between flatmates), and provides a baseline set of laws to protect both parties. In this article we discuss some factors worth considering when beginning or ending a tenancy.

    • Mar 21, 2017
    • Andrew Stewart & Lisa Hermon
  • There’s Many a Slip Twixt Cup and Lip

    A Kapiti Coast couple have been held liable in the sum of $500,000 for a remark made at a dinner party.

    • Mar 16, 2017
    • Jon Parker
  • New Zealand Foreign Trusts Update

    Last year we explained possible changes that could be introduced to the New Zealand Foreign Trust  (“NZFT”) Industry.  A link to our previous article is here.

    We can now update you that the proposed changes have been passed by the New Zealand parliament on 14 February in The Taxation (Business Tax, Exchange of Information and Remedial Matters) Bill, which is now awaiting Royal Assent.

    • Mar 7, 2017
  • Beware of the D.I.Y. Will

    A Will is an extremely important document to make sure that your family will be looked after, following your death.  However, with the rise of technology and the ease it brings us, more and more people are turning to websites offering online Wills or even handwriting their own Will.  Law firms always tell you the importance of seeing your lawyer to make sure your Will is valid.  But is this a money making exercise for lawyers or are there real risks with making your own Will? 

    • Mar 7, 2017

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